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FIFA World Cup QATAR 2022 Logo

About A World Cup Watar 2022

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, weekly, will provide soccer fans from all over the world with the chance to enjoy a unique experience in this Gulf country.

generosity and hospitality

The Bedouins are known for their hospitality and traditionally partilize in their food with their hosts. This still culture is deeply rooted in Qatari society and permeates all aspects of life in Qatar.

Resorts and beaches

O Qatar has many wonderful resorts where people can relax and escape from the hectic of everyday life. These include the Sealine Beach Resort, one of the best coastal areas near the capital.

Islands and water sports Given its geographical location, rich marine life and crystal clear waters, Qatar is an ideal destination for lovers of water sports, who can enjoy fishing trips, rowing boats, water skiing, kitesurfing, paragliding and mergulho between shipwrecks or coral reefs.

Historical places and castles

Lovers of archeology and antiquity can see many historical places that tell the story of Qatar’s distant past, such as the UNESCO world heritage site Al Zubarah and its unique fort.

Adventures in the desert and challenges in the dunes

Despite its spectacular beaches and islands, Qatar also has some beautiful deserts and rocky terrain.

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